The College has few prizes which are awarded annually at the time of the College Convocation.

  1. The Reverend Henry Goldsmith Memorial General Proficiency Prize: A Book prize shall be awarded to a graduating student who secures the highest average grade.
  2. Niel Peter Moritzen’s Award for the Best Graduating B. D. Student: It was instituted by Drs. Hnuni and Thanzauva in recognition of their former Professor with appreciation.
  3. Mrs. Romola I. Rao Memorial Award: This award is given to the best Graduating B.D Student in the field of Christian Ministry. It was instituted by Dr. O.M. Rao’s family in memory of his wife.
  4. Rev. Alexander Singha Memorian Award: This award is given to the best graduating BD student in the field of Homiletics in Christian Ministry
  5. Mrs. Swarnaprova Singha Award: This award is given to the best B.D graduating Student in the filed of Women or tribal Studies
  6. Book Prizes: Book prizes for different fields of study are awarded to those who secure the highest mark during the full course of studies.
  7. Preaching Prizes: A book prize will be awarded to the student who preaches the best sermons judged on the basis of the following standards: (a) general impact, (b) use of the biblical material, (c) relevance and application, (d) manner of delivery, (c) clarity of thought and organization, and (f) literacy quality and use of languages.
  8. The Scripture or Bible Knowledge Prize: A prize will be awarded to the student who secures the highest grade in the Bible Knowledge Examination to be conducted every year by the College.
  9. Music Prize: Book prizes shall be awarded to students who, in the opinion of the Faculty, contribute the most to the music programme of the College during the course of study.
  10. Choir Certificates: Choir Certificates are given to the final year students who have participated in the College Choir for at least two years.
  11. ETC Prizes: One or two prizes will be awarded to the student(s) for overall contribution to College activities during the year.


(a) No Automatic Award. It should be noted that all the prizes are not to be automatically awarded every year. If, in the opinion of the Faculty, there are no qualified candidates in one or all of the prizes, awards will be withheld for that year.

(b) Senate Prizes: The Senate of Serampore College has also several prizes to be awarded to the best candidates in the whole university.

(c) Transcript of Record: A student who wishes to receive his/her College Transcript/Mark sheet of the whole course or a part thereof may do so by paying a transcript fee of Rs.150/- per transcript.

(d) Refund, etc.:

Any student who leaves the College without completing the course on any ground will forfeit the security deposit.

Any student who leaves the College after one month from the date of registration or the beginning of the academic year cannot claim refund of the fees except the mess fee.