Integrated Course

Ms. Mekronyi-u Thele

Advisor - Games and Sports Committee

Advisor to Games and Sports Committee

Ms. Manini Chuseote

Superintendent - Women’s Hostel, Advisor - SCMI-JU

Supdt. of Women’s Hostel Advisor to SCMI-JU

Mrs. Esther Jish Rengma

In-Charge - Social Works

In-Charge of Social Works

Mrs. Akani Kinimi

Dean - Theological Education by Extension

Dean of Theological Education by Extension

Dr. Sashikaba Kechutzar

Dean - Tribal Study Centre, In-Charge - College Development Project

Dean of Tribal Study Centre and In-Charge of College Development Project

Rev. Dr. Shimreingam Shimray


Vice Principal, In-charge of all Academic Matters, relating to Faculty and Students & Advisor to Students’ Council.