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The Eastern Theological College is centrally sponsored by the CBCNEI. Lt has the following levels of authorities for its smooth and efficient administration.





College Board of Trustees


The membership of the College Board of ETC is appointed by the CBCNEI Executive Committee. It is the highest governing authority of the College. The Principal of the College is appointed by the Executive Council. The Board of ETC will appoint the Vice-Principal, faculty and staff. This Board also frames and oversees the general policies of the College.






Administrative Committee



Under the New structure of the College, the Administrative Committee shall consists of three members, namely the Principal, who will act as the in-charge for general administration and finance; the Vice-Principal who is in charge for over-all academic, faculty and students affairs; and one of the Dean.

The details of the duties and functions of the above Administrative Committee is enshrined in the New Constitution and Service Rules of the College



College Faculty



The College Faculty is made up of all members of the teaching faculty. The Faculty Council shares responsibility over academic programmes, discipline, and general life of the students. Besides, any other matters provided in the New Constitution shall be followed. Students wishing to bring any matter before the College Faculty should do so through the Principal.



Administrators, Faculty and Staff


i) Administrative Committee



Principal             Rev Dr. Akheto Sema
Vice Principal      Rev. Dr L.M. Narola Imchen
Member             Rev. Dr Razouselie Lasetso



ii) Faculty




Biblical Cluster




  1. Rev. Dr. Lima Jamir, B.D., M.Th., D.Th.,

Associate Professor of New Testament and Greek

  1. Rev. Dr. Razouselie Lasetso, B.D., M.Th., D.Th.,

Professor of New Testament and Greek

  1. Rev. Dr. Zhodi Angami, B.A., B.D., M.Th., D.Th.

Associate Professor in New Testament and Greek

  1. Miss Vashti Pouh, B.A., B.D., M.Th.,

Lecturer in Old Testament

            5. Miss Akani Kinimi, B.A. B.D. M.Th. (D. Th.)

             Lecturer in Old Testament




Theology  Cluster




      1. Rev. Dr Shimreingam L. Shimray, B.D., M.Th., D.Th.,

Professor of Christian Ethics and Social Analysis

  1. Rev. Dr Yangkahao Vashum, B.D., M.Th., Th.M, Ph. D.

Associate Professor in Systematic Theology

     3. Dr Lovely Awomi James, B.D., M.Th., D.Th.
             Associate Professor in Christian Theology





History-Missions Cluster

  1. Rev. Dr Narola Imchen, B.A., B.D., M.Th., D.Th.,

Professor of History of Christianity

  1. Rev. Dr. Elungkiebe Zeliang, B.A., B.D., M.Th., D.Th.

Associate Professor in History of Christianity

  1. Mrs. Vimeno Lasetso, B.D., M.Th.

Lecturer in History of Christianity

  1. Mr. Kezhalezo Angami, B.A., B.D., M.Th.

Lecturer in Missiology

  1. Rev. Dr. Woba James, B.D., M.Th. D.Th.

Associate Professor in History of Christianity




Religion Cluster

     1. Dr. Sashikaba Kechutzar, B.D., M.Th., D.Th. Associate Professor in Religions





Ministry Cluster

  1. Rev. Dr. Akheto Sema, B.D., M.Th., D. Th.

Professor of Christian Ministry (Christian Education)

  1. Rev. Tarun Singha, B.D., M.Th.,

Associate Professor in Christian Ministry (Communication)

  1. Rev. Dr. Marlene Ch. Marak, B.A., B.D., M.Th., D.Th.

Associate Professor in Communication

  1. (Dr.) Phanenmo Kath, B.A., B.D., M.Th., (D.Th.)

Lecturer in Christian Ministry (Counseling)








1. Ms Renthunglo Kikon, B.A., B.D.
    Music Tutor (on study leave)   



Adjunct/Part time/Visiting Professors




1. Rev. Dr. Simon Chan, Ph.D., Singapore




Non-Teaching Staff




1. Mrs. L. Toshila Longchar, B.A, B.D., M.Lib. Librarian
2. Mr. Nayan Kerai, B.Com., Accountant
3. Mrs. Aporna Beypi, P.A. to Principal
4. Mrs. Manjurina Goldsmith P.A. to Vice Principal
5. Miss Flora Anthony, Cashier
6. Mrs. Evonne Kalanji, Office Assistant (Library)
7. Mr. Leeward G. Momin, Office Assistant (Library)
8. Mrs. Anjana Singha Office Assistant (Library)
9. Mrs Ruth Shimray, B.A., Office Assistant (Academic Office)
10. Mr. Anup Goldsmith, Work Supervisor
11. Mr. S. Vio, B.A., B.D., Manager, Conference Centre

12. Mr Konthi Bora, Peon

13. Mr Suraj Chetri, Peon








Assignment of Various Responsibilities 2015-16 Academic Sessions








1. Rev. Dr Akheto Sema, Principal: Overall in-charge of the General Administration, Finance, Developmental Projects and Purchase & Correspondence to Senate
2. Rev. Dr. L.M. Narola Imchen, Vice Principal, In-charge of all academic matters, relating to Faculty and Students & Advisor to Student Council.




3. Rev. Dr. Lima Jamir, Dean of Postgraduate Studies & Advisor to SCMIJU
4. Rev. Dr. Shimreyngam Shimray, Dean of TEE & Faculty Representative to Library Committee (from Nov 2015)
5. Rev. Dr. Razouselie Lasetso, Dean of ILEMA & College Website Development
6. Dr. Sashikaba, Dean of Tribal Study Centre
7. Rev. Dr Yangkahao Vashum, HoD of Theology Cluster & Advisor to Literary Committee
8. Rev. Tarun Singha, In-charge of Developmental Project
9. Rev. Dr. Marlene Ch. Marak, Dean of Practical Ministry
10. Rev. Dr Zhodi Angami, HoD of Biblical Cluster & Chaplain
11. Rev. Dr Elugliebe Zeliang, HoD of History of Christianity, In-charge of School Bus & Dean of TEE till October 2015. 
12. Mr Phanenmo Kath, Hostel Superintendent of Men's Hostel & In-charge for Social Work
13. Mrs Vimeno Lasetso, Dean of Women Study Centre

14. Rev. Dr Woba James, In-charge of Students Mess & Alumni Ralation
15. Dr Lovely Awomi James, Superintendent of Campus Children Ministry
16. Mrs P. Vashti, Advisor to Sports Committee
17. Ms Akani Kinimi, Hostel Superintendent of Women's Hostel
18. Mrs Toshila Longchar, In-charge of Guest House