The College has few awards and prizes which are awarded annually at the time of the College Graduation.







1. The Reverend Henry Goldsmith Memorial General Proficiency Prize: A Book prize shall be awarded to a graduating student who secures the highest average grade.

2. Book Prizes: Book prizes for different fields of study are awarded to those who score the highest during the full course period.

3. Preaching Prizes: Book prize is awarded to the best student who preached the best sermon in the competition.

4. The Scripture Knowledge Prize: A prize be awarded to the student who secures the highest grade in the Bible Knowledge Examination to be conducted every year by the Faculty.

6. Music Prize: Book prize be awarded to students who, in the opinion of the Faculty, contribute the most to the music programme of the College during the course.

7. Niel Peter Moritzenís Award for the Best Graduating B. D. Student.

8. ETC Prizes: One or two prizes will be awarded to the student(s) for overall contribution to College activities during the year.