Rajabari, Jorhat-785 014

ASSAM, India

In conjunction with the Serampore B. D. and M. Th. Courses, the College grants its own Diplomas. The Diplomas of the College will be awarded to students who complete the course of study required for B. D. or M. Th. Degree, plus other extra courses offered by the College, and show evidence of a sincere and earnest Christian spirit and of promise of usefulness in Christian ministry. In awarding the Diploma the following factors will be taken into consideration.

a) The evidence of commitment to Christ and the sense of call to the ministry of the Church.

b) Relationship with other members of the college community, and evidence of both qualities of leadership and ability to work harmoniously with others.
c) Obedience to the rules laid down by the College for effective administration, and proper functioning of the life of the College.
d) Evidence of loyalty to the College.
e) Participation in the social and devotional life of the community.
f) The manner of conducting worship and preaching in the chapel.
g) Participation in the Practical Work programmes arranged by the College.
h) Having completed the stipulated duration of study by passing in at least 75% of the courses.