The Eastern Theological College Library is a reference and research library for use of the students, faculty members, staff and research scholars from the sister colleges in India. Because of its geographical accessibility, many researchers of the region prefer to seek this library.

There are few important factors why many students and researchers come to ETC library for study and also for research works. The ETC library holds priceless historical documents like the diaries, correspondences and records of the American Baptist Missionaries. All of these are treasured collection which need to careful preservation. Another major reason is that ETC as a pioneer of developing Tribal Theology, the College library has a very good collection of resources for upcoming tribal scholars.

The total book holding of the Library is a great concern of the college. Collection of recent publications is being placed a priority from now on, because the total collection of the library still stands only around 24,000 volumes of books. The library also subscribes about 75 journals, magazines, News Bulletins, and annual reports of churches and various organizations. Owing to the dearth collection of books, the College has subscribed Religion Atla through which Faculty and students may browse libraries of other important institutions around the world. Last year two computers with internet connection were gifted by Professor Paul Tonson from the Uniting Church, Australia.


The Proposed New Library

The above drawing is an architectural projection of the proposed new library. The present building is in a dilapidated condition, and leakage of water at some parts of the building could not be checked. The building also lacks space especially to accommodate students. Whereas there are 243 students, only some 80 could be comfortably accommodated. Therefore a new building is an immediate need. The estimate for the above architectural drawing comes to about $ 666,666.00. But over times since the technical estimate was done, the market price over building materials has escalated high. We maintain a separate bank account for this project. The College finds encouraging gesture from overseas friends and institutions. Till this date since the need has been first shared we received the following and hope on the increase of the list.

Sl No

Name of Donors



One Foundation Trust



As second recipient from CBCNEI



Brewster Baptist Church



First Baptist Church & Society, Rochester



Sally & Kenneth Dodgson



First Baptist Church of Reading (TABCOM offering)



Susan Weitz, Hamilton



Patricia A. Hanley



Tabernacle Baptist Church,, Utica



Edna Smith



Margeret Burckes