DEAN, PG Studies


Having noted the need for higher theological education in North East India, the Faculty Council and the College Board committed to make the Eastern Theological College as one of the Post-Graduate Study Centres for North East India. Accordingly, it was decided to introduce the M. Th. Degree course. As such, ETC is not only one of the Premier theological institutions in the North East India it is the pioneering institution for higher theological studies. For a long time it remained as the only college where student could do Masters studies in theology in the region. Quite s few of those who did Masters at ETC have now achieved even doctorate and actively ministering the churches and institutions in different parts of the country. The primary purpose of the postgraduate programme is to develop human potentials through theological education in order to meet the need of the churches and the people in general. The rapid social change that has been taking place and the increasing number of theological colleges in the region, more importantly of the growing churches, all these require qualified persons who are deeply committed to the cause of Christian ministry and so advanced academic studies are required to teach in the theological colleges and to minister to the churches. The College, therefore, took up the challenge and launched this programme. It now offers the M. Th. degree in Christian Theology. Christian Ministry (both Counseling and Christian Education) and the History of Christianity. The college is planning to add few more departments in the coming years.

The ETC enabling to offer M.Th. studies is a prestige. It is also not for profit making but to meet the demands of the churches in the region. The college as centrally sponsored by the Council of Baptist Churches in North East India (CBCNEI), we listen only to the demands and needs of the churches. The Faculty is aware that if we distant ourselves from the churches then the theological education losses its meaning.

The churches must also see that the Post Graduate programme at ETC is progressed and the benefit is received by the churches.