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ASSAM, India







There are two distinct trends in the life and ministry of the college. That on the one hand, ETC stands as the most outstanding theological college when it comes to the production of theological trained people to the ministry of the Christian churches in North East India and beyond. Till today, it remains as the most admired college for the young people who intend to undertake theological training. But on the other hand, ETC has been under crucial financial strains throughout her history. And for long enough the authority of the college had been giving attention toward the ongoing programmes without really breaking head to stabilize its financial condition. In other words, ETC had been depending on the generous contributions of the Christian churches under the Council of Baptist Churches in North East India (CBCNEI). But later, when almost every association has established their own theological college to which their resources diverted ETC which is placed in the plain of Assam suffered a great set back. And even some of the faculty members have been seriously thinking about the establishment of ETC Self Reliance Fund they found it difficult to direct their attention.

It was only after the celebration of its existence of 100 years in February 2005, the fuller realization came to us. There was some money remained. Taking advantage of that privilege the Finance Committee of ETC Centenary proposed to use it in a most meaningful way and thus decided to donate it towards Self Reliance Building Project. Meanwhile, we made serious appeals to the local churches in Nagaland and Manipur and to some individuals. Out of which the Longleng Town Baptist Church and Naginimora Baptist Church, Naginimora came forward with pledges of Rs. 250,000 and Rs. 100,000 respectively. With that collection, the college sought permission from the Board of Governors and also from the CBCNEI Executive which was approved. Thus, the Committee with much prayers began the construction work of ETC SELF RELIANCE BUILDING on the Mariani Road side of one block consisting of 4 rooms on the 2nd of December 2005; on which day Rev. Bensing, the then pastor of Longleng Town Baptist Church laid the foundation. And the construction was completed in October 2006. As such, the first block of ETC Self Reliance Building was inaugurated by Mrs. L.S. Changsan, the Deputy Commissioner of Jorhat on the 28th October 2006.

The college authority gave permission to the Self Reliance Committee to raise separate fund for this purpose. And therefore, we are now targeting Rs. One Crore during the next few years time and construct ten blocks which would comprise about 35 shopping rooms stretching 442 feet length. We are very positive that we can make it. We are determined because if we are successful in this effort this project would take care a good share of ETC’s needs.