Dr. Sashikaba Kechutzar

Dean - Tribal Study Centre, In-Charge - College Development Project

Dean of Tribal Study Centre and In-Charge of College Development Project

Rev. Dr. Razouselie Lasetso

Dean - ILEMA, Head - Department of New Testament

Dean of ILEMA and Head of the Department of New Testament

Rev. Dr. Lima Jamir

Dean - Post-Graduate Studies

Dean of Post-Graduate Studies

Rev. Dr. L.M. Narola Imchen

Dean - Doctoral Study Centre

Dean of ETC Doctoral Study Centre

Rev. Dr. Shimreingam Shimray


Vice Principal, In-charge of all Academic Matters, relating to Faculty and Students & Advisor to Students’ Council.

Rev. Dr. Akheto Sema


Principal, overall in charge of the General Administration, Finance, Development Projects & Purchase and Correspondent to Senate.

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