A Christian minister is a servant he/she is a servant of God and His People. All the classroom lectures, Discussions, studies and examinations are, therefore, directed to Prepare the students to be more effective servants and faithful shepherds of His flock. Like all men and women down through the history of the Church, we are called to a service which is quite different from any of its Kind outside the Church. To be more specific we are called not to be served, but to serve in the world of our time.

The College is indebted to pioneers and former principals for what it is today as a leading institution.

The Rev. Dr. J. W. Cook
Sept.1949 – Jan.1952

The Rev. M. J. Chance (Actg.)
Feb. 1952 – June 1953

The Rev. Dr. James D. Duffy
July 1953 – Oct. 1958

The Rev. J. M. Wood
Nov. 1958 – Dec. 1961

The Rev. G. W. Peck
Jan. 1962 – March 1963

The Rev. Dr. F.S. Downs (Actg.)
April 1963 – March 1966

The Rev. Dr. J. H. Thumra
April 1966 – Oct. 1987

The Rev. Dr. O. M. Rao
Nov. 1987 – May 1993

Prof. Renthy Keitzar
June 1993 – Sept. 2000

Professor Ezamo Murry (Actg.)
Oct. 2000 – May 2001

Professor Mangkhosat Kipgen
June 2001 – May 2006

Professor Ezamo Murry
June 2006 – 10 June 2009

The Rev. Zhabu Terhuja (Interim)
11 June 2009 – 10 May 2010

Professor Akheto Sema
11 May 2010 – present