Rev. Dr. Akheto Sema
Eastern Theological College, Rajabari.
Jorhat, Assam.
Phone : 0376-2361219 (O)

Dear Browsers,

Thank our Lord Jesus Christ for His constant grace and favour upon His people. Eastern Theological College, Jorhat has come a long way and today it projects maturity in all aspects. And in order to open up to others-people and institutions, both in the country and beyond, ETC has launched a ‘website’ for everyone to browse through and learn something about the college.

Welcome to Eastern Theological College ‘Website’ for you to have a general glance at the various activities of the college inclusive of academic, spiritual and community life of the institution. Installation of the college ‘website’ is made possible because of the sponsorship of some well-wishers who have deep concern for the college and who also would like to see the growth of the institution. Our thanks goes to the sponsors.

The world we live-in today is a global village. The global nature of our world today is leading us into a ‘new civilization’ in which both the ‘local community’ and the ‘global community’ have merged together. This new development or new civilization is called ‘glocalization’ and in this glocal context we see and experience one simple operating system for everything, new ways of communication, thinking and living. As someone said, “What is there is already here” and “What is here is already there”. We are simply connected with one another. One community connects with several communities. Globalization allows for the integration of anyone, anywhere, anytime.

In this context, ETC cannot stay aloof or hide behind a veil or curtain in one’s comfort zone. We cannot live in an isolated village or isolated community. But we are to show what we have to other people and institutions about our community life and activities. Share our knowledge to others for intellectual development and growth. Express our concerns with others in order to show our solidarity. Open our positive and constructive mind-set and attitude to others for healthy relationships and building God’s people. Tell our experiences of what God is doing in the ongoing ministry of the college. Explore all possibilities to connect with other communities for mutual understanding, sharing, growth and peaceful co-existence. And above all, bring glory and honour to our Lord Jesus Christ through our participation in His ongoing mission and ministry through theological education.

We want to welcome the browsers to go through the available information given in the website and also to give us your valuable and constructive views, suggestions and comments for a healthy holistic growth and development of the college. Pass it to your friends, churches so they could read it as well. Give us your email ids, contact numbers so that we can keep in touch with you. ETC belongs to all God’s people in order to train many young men and women for ministries on this earth till Christ comes back. Continue to keep the college in your prayers.

Shalom & God bless.