1. Standard of Pass and Class

The pass mark for all papers in the examinations for the B. D. degree course is – C Grade (=40%). The Grading System of Serampore Examinations is as follows:

First Class:

  • A + (80% and above)
  • A (75%)
  • A – (70%)

Second Class:

  • B + (65%)
  • B (60%)
  • B – (55%)

Third Class:

  • C + (50%)
  • C (45%)
  • C – (40%)

2. Pass or Failure

Candidates must satisfy the examiners by passing in each paper separately; and no candidate shall be re-examined in a paper in which one has been declared passed. The final average for each candidate is calculated on the basis of the Senate and College examined papers. A candidate who fails in any paper is regarded as referred in the paper or papers and would be re-examined in that/those paper(s). If a candidate wishes to take a substitute paper, it should be indicated at the time of registration for permission from the Senate’s Committee on Academic Administration.

3. Repeat Examinations

Students who are permitted to write referred papers will write along with the current students appearing for the same paper. No separate examinations will be arranged for repeat papers except when no current students are taking the same paper.

4. Calculation of average for each paper

a) Senate: The average mark of the Senate-examined papers are obtained from the marks given by the first and second examiners appointed by the Senate of Serampore College

b) College: The average of the College-examined papers are obtained from the marks given by the first and second examiners of the paper appointed by the college

5. Thesis

Students are encouraged to write a Thesis at B.D. Level or take eight credits in lieu of thesis.