2017-2018 Academic Session

Rev. Dr. Akheto Sema (8+4=12 credits)
M.Th. I: MCM023: Education for Social Transformation (C)4
M.Th. I: MCM021: Methodological Issues in Christian Education (S)4
M.Th. II: CM03: Seminar on Issues in Christian Ministry (C)2 with PK
BD IV: Christian Education for Social Change (C)2
Rev. Dr. L.M. Narola Imchen (10+8=18)
M.Th. I: (HC+NT) (MHC03: History of Christianity in NEI (C)2
M.Th.I (HC:MHC002: Major Issues (S)4
MTh.I (MHC013: Women in History (C )2
M.Th. II (MHC006: History of Christianity in the Modern Period4
M.Th. II: Teaching Pedagogy4
M.Th II (All) I00 – Politics and Religion (C)2
BD IV: Role of Women in the History of Christianity (C)2
BD IV: Ecumenical Movements (C)2
Rev. Dr. Lima Jamir (12+12=24)  
BD. I: New Testament Greek -Preliminary (S)4
M.Th I (NT): MNT006: Additional Texts: Acts (C)2
M.Th I (NT +HC I) MNT054: Feminist Readings of the NT2
M.Th I (NT) MNT001: Methodological and Critical Issues (S)4
M.Th I (NT) MNT002: Texts of the NT: Matthew (S)4
M.Th II (NT) MNT026: Hellenistic Greek2
M.Th. II (NT) MNT058: Teaching Pedagogy4
BD III: Eco-Justice Theologies (ID with YV, EJ, MT)2
Rev. Dr. Shimreingam Shimray (12+6=18)
M.Th I (CT +CM): Theology and Culture (C)2
M.Th II (All) I00 – Politics and Religion (C)2
BD I: Discerning the Signs of the Times (C)4
BD I: Understanding the Indian Society (S)4
BD II: Intro to Christian Social Ethics (C)4
BDIII: Theology of Human Rights (Optional) (C)2
Rev. Dr. Razouselie Lasetso (10+10=20)
M.Th I (NT) MNT009: Additional Texts: 1 Corinthians2
M.Th I (NT): MNT023: Theol. Of Pauline Writings (S)4
M.Th I (NT): MNT042: Research Methodology (C)2
M.Th I (NT) + M.Th. I (CT): MNT047: Hist. of NT Times2
M.Th II (NT) MNT075: Justice and Peace2
M.Th. II (NT) MNT016: Hebrews in Greek2
M.Th. II (All) I00 – Politics and Religion (C)2
BD IV: Jesus Tradition in Paul and Pauline (Grk / Eng) (S)4
Dr. Sashikaba Kechutzar (14+8=22)  
M.Th I (CT) Study of Texts: Ramanuja, Vedartasamgraha (C)1
M.Th II (All) I00 – Politics and Religion (C)2
BD I: Introduction to Major Religious Traditions in India (S)23
BD III: Primal Religion (C)4
BD II & III: Cultural Anthropology (Optional) (S)3
BD IV: Modern Religious and Secular Movements in India (S)23
BDIII: Science and Religion (IC) with AK, & PV4
Rev. Dr. Yangkahao Vashum (8+12=20)  
M.Th I (CT &CM): Tribal Theology (C)2
M.Th I (CT): MCT015 (c/iii) Study of Texts: Paul Tillich, Sys Theo (C)1
M.Th I (CT): MCT015(a)(iv): Martin Luther, Babylonian Captivity of the Church (Section Lord’s Supper) & The Freedom of the Christian 1 credit/ YV 1
M.Th I (CT): MCT003 – Jesus Christ (S)4
M.Th I (CT): MCT014 – Indian Xn Contxtl Theologies (S)4
M.Th II (CT): Modern Indian/Asian: NM, KT & W Longchar (C)2
BD II: Introduction to Christian Doctrines (S)4
BD IV: Contemporary Trends in Theology (Opt) (C)2
BD III: Eco-Justice (ID with MT, LJ, & EJ)2
Mr. Phanenmo Kath (14+12=26)  
M.Th. I (CM: 026: Christian Education to Adults (C)2
M.Th I & II CM: Christian Education for Inclusive Community (C)2
M.Th. II+ NT I: Seminar on Issues in Christian Ministry (C)2 with AS
BD I: Ministerial Formation of Christian Minister (C)2
M.Th. II (CM): Teaching Pedagogy (C)4
BD I: Worship & Preaching (S)4
BD II: Principles and Practices of Pastoral Care & Counselling (S)22
BD III: Marriage and Family Counselling (C)2
BD IV: Crisis Counselling (Opt.) (C)2
BD III: Christian Faith & Witness (IC with SK & MT)2
Dr. Lovely Awomi James (9+14=23)  
M.Th I (CT): MCT015 iv: (c/iii) Study of Texts: Raimundo Panikkar, The Unknown Christ of Hinduism(C)1
M.Th I (CT) +HC I: Christological Debates – First Five Centuries (C)2
M.Th I (CT): Methodological Issues in Theology (S)4
M.Th I (CT): Research Methodology (C)2
M.Th II (CT): MCT010: Major Figures: Augustine (C)2
M.Th. II CT): MCT016- Teaching Pedagogy4
BD III: Person & Work of Jesus, the Christ (S)4
BD IV: Tribal Theology (C)2
BD II: Towards Inclusive Com: Child at Risk (ID with, MC and PK)2
Rev. Dr. Woba James (10+12=22)  
MTh. I: (MHC001): Historical Methodology (C)4
M.Th. I: (MHC004): History of Christianity During the Early Period (S)4
M.Th. I: (MHC007): History of the Ecumenical Movement (S)4
M.Th. I: (HC) M.Th. II (CT): MHC015a: Caste, Communalism & Christian Identity (C)2
M.Th. II: (MHC012): Christianity in Asia (C)2
BD II: Christianity in India (S)4
BD I: Study Methods (ID with PV, MC and TL)2
Ms. P. Vashti (10+10=16)  
BD I: Life and Faith of the People of God in Old Testament (C)4
BD II: Reading of Apocalyptic: Daniel & Revelation (Optional) (C)2
BD II: Liberation and Formation of Identity of the People of God: A Study of Pentateuch (S)4
BD III: Prophetic Responses to the struggles of the People of God (S)4
BD III: Reading the Bible from Feminist, Dalit, Tribal and Adivasi Persp. (opt.) C2
BD I: Study Methods (ID with WJ, TL, & MC)2
BD III: Science and Religion (ID with SK & AK)4
Ms. Akani Kinimi (12+10=22)  
BD I: Theological English (C)2
BD I: Biblical Hebrew (S)4
BD I: Intro. To Communication Studies for Christian Ministry (S)4
BD II: Media Education, Information & Communication Technologies in Christian Ministry (C)4
BD II: Biblical Hebrew – Advanced (C)2
BD IV: Hope in Suffering and Joy in Liberation (Heb/Eng) (C)4
BD IV: Science and Religion (ID with SK and PV)4
Rev. Dr. Shyam Basumatary (12+8=22)  
M.Th. I CM-02: Research Methods (C)2
M.Th. I CM:19: Educational Psychology of Christian Education( C )2
M.Th.I CM:16: History & Philosophy of Christian Education (S)4
M.Th I CM- 001: The Church and its Minister in the Indian Context (S)4
M.Th II CM: Curriculum (C)2
M.Th II (All) I00 – Politics and Religion (C)2
B.D.IV: Church Organization and Pastoral Administration (C)4
Ms. Esther Jish Rengma (10+12=18)  
BD II: Introduction to Indian Philosophy (C)4
BD III: Baptist Theology & Polity (C)2
BD III: Intro. To Christian Education (S)4
BD III: Introduction to Indian Christian Theologies (S)22
BD IV: Feminist Theology (S)4
BD III: Eco-Justice Theologies (ID with YV, MT & LJ)2
BD II: Justice, Peace … Violence (IC with SB, & MT)2
Ms. Manini (10+10=24)  
B.D. I. The Life and Faith of the People of God: NT(C)4
BD. I: NT Greek – Advanced (C)2
BD II: Biblical Hermeneutics (C)2
BD II: Jesus Movt. in the Gospel Traditions (Eng/Gk) (S)4
BD III: Jesus Tradition in Johannine Writings (Eng/Gk) (C)4
BD I: Study Methods (ID with WJ & PV)2
BD II: Towards Inclu. Comm: Child at Risk (ID with LA & PK)2
Ms. Mekronyi-u Thele (12+10=22)  
BD I: History of Xnity. From 1st to 18th Century (C)4
BD II: Development of Missiological Thinking and Praxis (C)4
BD III: Contemporary Issues and Trends in Christian Mission (S)4
BD II: Hist. and Devt. of Xnity of the Dalits, Adivasis & Tribals of India (Opt)2
BD IV: History of Reformation and the Modern Missionary Movt. (Opt)2
BD III: Eco-Justice Theologies (ID with YV, LJ & EJ)2
BD III: Christian Faith & Witness (ID with SK & PK)2
BD II: Justice, Peace … Violence (IC with SB & EJ)2


First Semester

B.D. I: Study Methods: ID (Non Credit) – 1
(WJ, PV, MC) Convener, WJ
BD II: Towards Inclusive Communities: Children at Risk (C) – 2
(MC, PK, LA) Convener, MC
BD III: Eco-Justice Theologies (C) – 2
(MT, YV, LJ & EJ) Convener, YV
BD III: Christian Faith and Witness in Pluralistic Societies (C) 2 credit
(SK, PK, MT,) Convener, PK
M.Th II (All) I00 – Politics and Religion (C) 2
(SK, PK, RL, SS) Convener, PK

Second Semester

BD II: Justice, Peace and Overcoming Violence: Biblical and Ethical Persp: IC (C) – 2
(SB, MT, EJ) Convener, MT
BD III: Science and Religion (S) – 4
(AK, SK, PV) Convener, AK